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Okeechobee Farms Mushroom Thyme Soup

Okeechobee Farms Mushroom Soup

We make our bone broth, soups and dishes in small batches, by hand, weekly. They are made with organic & local ingredients whenever possible. We use our own meats, bone broths, organic and non-irradiated spices & Himalayan Salt, we pride ourselves on using traditional clean fats like Coconut Oil, Ghee, Tallow, Butter, Duck Fat, Lard. Fats humans have used and thrived on forever. We avoid the toxic oils like Canola, Soy, Corn, Safflower, Sunflower, Margarine etc. that are pervasive even in Organic brands today.. We use no preservatives, fillers, nothing you wouldn't want in your food. Food is Our Medicine. Our food and cooking philosophy is informed in large part by Weston A Price Foundation and doctors like Dr Cate Shanahan, Dr Mercola and many others who seek to improve health with food as #1 priority.   

Dairy Free, Creamy but without any cream.. Combination of shiitake, crimini, gray and yellow oyster mushrooms and fresh thyme slow cooked with our bone broth.. blended to make the most delicious & decadent creamy soup! Mushroom lovers rave about this one!

16 oz

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