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Nazhi's Bloody Orange Zesty Princess

Blood Orange Mini Bundt Cake, drizzled with blood Orange icing, finished with blood Orange zest topping.

Delicious Bloody Orange Bundt cake baked with fresh zest, squeezed blood orange juice throughout the cake!

The Rundown: Gluten Free, Grain Free, keto,Low Carb, Organic Cane Sugar.

Made with Cage-free eggs, non-GMO organic Gluten Free flour, Blood Orange Fruit,
It’s sweetened with Raw organic cane sugar , Unrefined baking powder , natural,  with no artificial, Celtic Sea Salt, real fruit,no sweeteners or colors. 

Cake is a Mini Bundt Cake.

Gluten Free
Soy Free 
Peanut Free
Corn Free
Grain Free
Ingredients: Cage-free eggs, non-GMO Flour, natural flavor) Unrefined baking powder,Celtic Sea Salt, natural flavor and fruit.


Nazhi is a 14-year-old chef and entrepreneur who has also battled sickle cell anemia since birth. After the tragic experience of witnessing her older sister have a massive stroke in 2014, she learned more about the trigger foods and special dietary needs that help people living with sickle cell stay healthy. Since she loves to bake, she decided to find new ways to make treats that she love, while keeping the focus on natural, organic, healthy ingredients.

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