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Chef Lippe's Ceviche

16oz tub. Hand Made

Ceviche Original of the lower South American coastline of what today is Peru and Ecuador, was born as “siwichi” a method of fish preservation using passion fruit juice, dating back to around 14000 years by the Moche civilization and their ancestors. The Spanish conquistadors came around the 1600’s with Muslim maids and women-cooks descending from the Umayyad who conquered the Iberian peninsula in 711AD. They mixed the acid preserved fish with onions and spices, and Ceviche was born.

Here Chef Lippe presents you with three options of Ceviche. Ceviche Blanco or white fish ceviche, Ceviche Negro, or Black Ceviche, and Shrimp Ceviche, made with a family recipe handed down for seven generations. This is the famous “Norma’s Ceviche”. Choose one or all three for an all-out ceviche party!

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