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Chef Lippe's Rosemary Sheep Cheese. La Mancha, Spain.

Chef Lippe’s Rosemary Sheep Cheese. La Mancha, Spain.

Slice. Hand cut. 8oz approximate weight.

An artisan sheep’s milk cheese made in the style of Manchego, this little beauty is rubbed with Rosemary. Produced in and around La Mancha, Spain this cheese has been around for as long as Manchego and the families adhere to their tradition of rubbing the cheese with Iberic lard and Rosemary as the cheese matures, and when flavors have been absorbed by the cheese it is brushed off and more herbs are rubbed in. The process goes on for at least two months. Our version is at least nine months old. The cheese is still creamy and sports notes of fresh milk, nuts and of course rosemary.

Match this cheese with a slice of guava or quince paste, and a glass of Grenache wine with its candied fruit roll-up and cinnamon flavor. You’ll find yourself whispering Olé -Toro!

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