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Chef Lippe's Marieke Bacon Gouda. Wisconsin USA

Chef Lippe’s Marieke Bacon Gouda. Wisconsin USA

Marieke’s Bacon Gouda is not just another cheese. It is the result of a labor of love. In 2002 Marieke and her husband Rolf Penterman moved from the Netherlands to Thorp Wisconsin and opened a 300 happy cow dairy farm. By 2013 Marieke had catapulted the venture to be awarded United States Cheese Grand Champion Award. In a short ten years Marieke and Rolf had managed to create the American Dream.  A farm, a dairy, a successful business, and five children along the way. I know I would have been overwhelmed by raising the kids alone, never mind the farm. This true American Gouda is sooo creamy and sooo bacony that it is impossible to eat just one slice.

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