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Bragg Family Soaps Mix & Match

3 Bars 


Tropical Heat Wave: The sweet smell of strawberry fields paired with the refreshing scent of white tea and ginger

Simply Oatmeal: Natural glycerin base infused with wholesome oatmeal. No color and no scent.

White Tea & Roses: Goats milk, glycerin, shea butter, white tea ginger and baby rose.

Summer in Paris: Goats milk and glycerin. Sparkling citrus, peach nectar and sugar musk. Sulfate Free

Always Spring: It will always be spring in your home with scents of lilacs, hyacinths and all the spring blooms. Evening primrose extract infused and of course sulfate free.

Sugar Babies: Glycerin and Goats Milk. Sweet watermelon scent. Sulfate Free

Chamomile Butter Bar: Goats milk, Chamomile Butter enriched with vitamins and Shea Butter. 

Buttons & Bows: Goats Milk and pure Glycerin. Bergamot, jasmine, lily, musk, and amber. Colorful buttons all wrapped up with a bow and ready to go. Sulfate Free

Sea Glass: Goats Milk & Glycerin. Copaiba Balsam, Vetiver, Tea Leaf & Amber. Sulfate Free

 Southern Belles:Pure Glycerin with Shea Butter Puffs and Butterflies. Sulfate Free
1. Orchid (Purple)
2. Gracious Gardenia (Light Green)
3. Heavenly Honeysuckle (Light Yellow)

Tarzan (pairs well with Jane): Goats Milk & Glycerin. Uniquely blended with Lemongrass, Basil, Cedar & Bay leaf.

Jane(pairs well with Tarzan): Goats Milk and Glycerin. Amerce yourself in the refreshing scent of jungle wild flowers and the great benefit of shea butter. Sulfate Free

Citrus Fusion: Prepare to be amazed. Our own Vero’s Valencia Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon and Ginger Lime all infused together to give you the perfect blast of citrus and suds to match. All Glycerin enhanced with orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime butters has packed this soap with rich vitamins to nourish your skin. Sulfate Free

Pure 10% Goats Milk & Shea Butter: 10% Fresh Refrigerated Certified Goats Milk and Glycerin blend, enhanced with Shea Butter. Sulfate Free
1. No Scent, No Color (white)
2. Ginger Lime (Light Green)
3. Lemon (Yellow)
4. Ruby Red Grapefruit (Pink)
5. Valencia Orange (Orange)

Mango Butter Bar: Goats Milk and Glycerin enhanced with Mango Butters to nourish your skin with Vitamin E/Lecithin. Softly Mango scented. Sulfate Free.

La vie en Rose: Fall in love with this Baby Rose scented masterpiece. Natural Glycerin base embedded with Shea hearts and roses. Sulfate Free

Rainbow Butters: Lemon, Chamomile & Mango Butters enhance this uniquely designed bar. Goats Milk, Shea Butter & Glycerin adds a smooth and creamy lather for your skin. The combination of butters creates a scent that is absolutely soothing and special. A truly luxurious cake of soap. Dreamy. Sulfate Free

Twilight Time: Goats Milk & Glycerin. Lemon Zest, White Current, Amber Musk, & Casaba Melon blended in a truly delightful scent. Sulfate Free

Clean Slate: Detoxify, Exfoliate and Nourish your skin with a unique blend of Charcoal & Oatmeal in a pure Glycerin Base. Bergamot Black Tea & Honeysuckle. Sulfate Free

Purely Natural (No Scent-No Color): Carrot & Cucumber Seed Oil in Aloe based Glycerin with soothing Shea Butter. Sulfate Free

Pure Aloe & Glycerin (NO Scent-No Color): Pure Aloe and Glycerin infused with Evening Primrose Extract and Aloe Butter. Sulfate Free

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